What Are The Benefits Of An Arc Trainer?

Cybex 770A Arc Trainer

Arc Trainer Benefits

Trainers all over the US since 2003 have grown an increasing love for an Arc Trainer since it came to the public. The Arc Trainer is widely praised for its revolutionary technology at the time it was first introduced. The Arc Trainer is known for providing an effective low-impact high-intensity workout. Personal trainers believe the hype of the Arc Trainer, as you can get great cardio very similar to running, but without all the wear and tear on your body!

The Arc Trainer has many great benefits compared to its high-intensity cardio machine competitors. But, with all the hype going around you may be wondering if an Arc Trainer is worth the investment. Why invest in the Arc Trainer when there are so many high-intensity cardio options out there? Whether you’re a gym owner looking to invest in new technology, your customers will love it, or looking for a staple at-home gym cardio machine, this article is for you!

The Arc Trainer has been shown to burn more calories in 30 minutes than a 30-minute exercise on a treadmill at an 8:00 pace. That’s pretty groundbreaking! The Arc Trainer provides a wide range of motion in comparison to the stair master. It is designed to stride like cross-country skiing or to be more like a stair stepper.

How Do Arc Trainers Work?

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Arc Trainers were made for a full-body workout giving you a full range of motion. Arms, core, and legs are all engaged in a sprint or stair-stepping motion. The Arc Trainer is perfect for 18+ years old who are looking to put less stress on their joints while still getting toned.

The Arc Trainer comes in various versions for many different needs. Something special about this machine is it works on a multi trajectory platform. Arc trainers give you the ability to add and subtract for this dance to make a workout more challenging. As well as, Arc trainers give you the ability to add and subtract depth. Having that full range of depth and resistance works all body parts and a healthy range of motion.

The Arc Trainer is similar to an elliptical in presentation as well as the use of resistance training. However, this machine is unlike any other. The Cybex 750AT Arc Trainer gives you the ability to work micro-muscles. You can get a full-body workout while doing a stair-stepping glute and hamstring workout with the Arc Trainer. Also, you can get a full-body workout while doing a resistance ski-striding motion that works every muscle from your hip flexors to calf muscles. Some say the Arc Trainer has slimmed their thighs entirely. It is truly a great machine that every trainer loves to use with their clients. 

Where To Use Arc Machines

Cybex 770A Arc Trainer

Arc machines are great for any type of indoor workouts space. You can use Arc Machines at your home gym or in a commercial gym. We highly recommend the Arc Trainer for any type of workout space. Definitely consider the Cybex 770A Arc trainer if you’re looking to buy a quality high-tech cardio machine for your commercial gym or simply see the benefits of using this touch screen trainer for personal use. Arc machines do need to be placed in a space that has electrical power.  An electrical outlet is needed for the Arc Trainer to turn on for resistance and depth functions. The machine does move without power, but of course, you’ll want to experience the full benefit of an Arc Trainer.

The two best places to use Arc Trainers are at your home gym or your local gym! 

What Are The Long Term Arc Trainer Benefits

Cybex 770A Arc Trainer

The long-term benefits of Arc trainers are extensive. Something great about this machine is that it is proven to build heart health over time. This cardio machine gives you a full-body toning workout while also testing your heart rate. By using the Arc Trainer over time, you will see great results in loss of body fat and gain in muscles. Personal trainers have testified to the benefits of a new trainer like the Cybex 750A Arc Trainer!

Let’s get further into the specific life details about the Arc Trainer benefits and how having a healthy lifestyle using this machine can impact all aspects of your life. Here are three long-term benefits of using the magnificent Arc Trainer:

Saves You Time

The Arc Trainer is amazing if you’re in a pinch and is a proven workout that will get your heart rate up in no time. This machine has a great resistance workout to form stronger muscles. I have an Arc Trainer at your gym or home gym, you can save time in your workouts. Using an Arc Trainer combines resistance training and cardio. Home Gyms already save you tons of time in your commute to a gym. The Arc Trainer cuts a workout time in half with just a 30-minute exercise. 

Saves You Money

It is no secret that keeping a healthy balanced lifestyle in your fitness and nutrition routine saves you thousands of dollars in medical bills. Why waste your time on the latest cardio machine, when you can have a multi-faceted fulfilling workout with the Arc Trainer. Having a healthy heart by using resistance-based cardio will save you so much worry and money from staying out of the doctor’s office. 

Is Proven To Work

The Arc Trainer is a multi-faceted machine that gives you the option of changing your workout every time you step onto the machine. It is proven to work with resistance-based cardio and just 30 minutes. It is morse beneficial for low impact exercise that is great for all ages. It works your full body, as well as targets specific muscles you want to work on while choosing your resistance strides. If you prefer a quick stair-stepping exercise, The Arc Trainer is perfect for you. If you get tired of that and work on long strides, much like sprinting and running, the Arc Trainer also does that for you. 

Overall, the Arc Trainer is a great multi-faceted low-risk exercise. It’s recommended by professionals and us. Make sure to purchase your Arc Trainers for a reliable fitness equipment company like Fitness Warehouse Shop! Our mission is to provide quality service to all industries in a healthy lifestyle through fitness equipment!