Is the Summit Trainer or StairMaster Better?

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Summit Trainer vs StairMaster

There are many different types of workout machines available, and one of the top questions to consider when deciding between them is what type of workouts you want to have regularly. The type of workout you may want includes what parts of the body you want to focus on for strength, endurance, and tone building. Different types of equipment can give different workout experiences, working the parts of the body differently and to different degrees. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between some of the best fitness equipment types, including summit trainers and StairMasters, for that ideal total gym workout you’re looking for.

What Is a Total Gym Workout?

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For your best possible fitness routine, you want to decide what types of regular workouts you’re looking for, and what areas of the body you want to focus on. When adding different equipment pieces to make up your total gym workout spaces, it’s smart to be selective and keep your unique desires and exercise aspirations at the forefront. A home gym space, for example, is not as large as you would find at a public gym or health club. A setup with some essentials is ideal for providing you with well-rounded workouts wherever you choose to exercise or have quality equipment.

Amongst the top pieces to consider for a well-rounded group of exercise equipment are a dumbbell set, training bench, barbell set, pull-up frame and bar, kettlebell set, treadmill, rowing machine, fitness ball, stationary bike, and some smaller accessories. These top 10 pieces can give a balance to your available equipment, and the workouts you can achieve in your given gym space. However, a basic set-up of just a couple or more of these different workout pieces can provide you with similar balanced workouts at your fingertips.

What Is a Summit Trainer?

The Summit Trainer line of workout equipment comes from the brand Life Fitness, and is ideal for effective cardiovascular exercise. These revolutionary machines encompass all the best total-body climbing and cross-training. You can enjoy consistently challenging workouts each time you use a Summit Trainer, with five training positions and user-defined stride lengths to provide you with ultimate control over the muscle groups you target and your workout intensity.

Life Fitness 95Li Summit Trainer

Life Fitness 95Li Summit Trainer

The Summit Trainers are one of the latest innovations in cardiovascular exercise for a new type of cardiovascular training. Each Summit Trainer combines total-body climbing and cross-training for unique challenges each time you want to work out. You can define your stride lengths and choose from five different training positions to control workout intensities and target different muscle groups each time for a highly versatile, personalized workout experience.



What Is a StairMaster?

Stair climbing has been a popular workout option for a long while, with many athletes jogging the steps of their stadiums or other areas as a part of their regular exercise and fitness training. Instead of relying solely on the steps you have throughout your home, or in public spaces, consider a StairMaster. A StairMaster provides all the benefits of a typical stair workout with the additional benefits of a low-impact, quality workout when you want it. 

Since its beginnings in the 1980s, the technology of StairMasters continues to improve, with features such as the calorie-burning calculator and heart rate monitor. It is a stationary fitness machine that is similar to a treadmill, providing an above-average cardio workout and toning the lower-body muscles. Each StairMaster gives the user the ability to climb upward at the duration and speed of their choice, to more effectively work the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calves.

StairMaster SC5 Stepper Stair Climber

Renewed Stairmaster SC5 Stepper Stair-Climber

Short-duration, high-intensity workouts are one of the major appeals of the StairMasters, including the SC5 Stepper, which also features a large range of programming options in a smaller-sized machine for your increased convenience. Enjoy challenging yourself consistently in each workout with this durable machine that includes a range of 20 resistance levels and 10 different programs, as well as ergonomic handrails, a quiet step design, and an LCD console. 



StairMaster 4400CL Stepper Stair Climber

Stairmaster 4400CL Stepper

The StairMaster 4400CL features a rail-less, upright design that promotes improved postures during exercises to achieve the best lower-body workouts of a stair climber. It is highly space-efficient, fitting into less than a 2’ x 4’ or 61 cm x 122 cm space. However, it still provides for an effective range of conditioning needs and climbing exercises. Enjoy independent, patented pedal geometry for the most biomechanically-correct movement and increased safety. 



StairMaster 4600PT Stepper Stair Climber

Stairmaster 4600PT Stepper

For a vigorous cardio workout with just a 110v power cord, consider this latest evolution in the new climbing workout machines available. The 4600PT FreeClimber includes an electronically-controlled alternator and a chain drive for more precise control over pedal descent. This precise control also allows for a wider range of users to achieve an ideal workout pace for their current fitness level. It also includes patented independent pedal geometry for level pedals and correct movement without the possibility of any long-term muscle strain.



StairMaster 4600CL Stepper Stair Climber

You can also enjoy the patented independent pedal geometry for more level pedals and biomechanically-correct movement with the 4600CL, in addition to some other features. The StairMaster 4600CL also includes upper-body, easy-grip handles, and side handrails that allow for wider use, as anyone can easily find a comfortable stepping position when they use it. It provides for easy start-up, manual control, seamless speed intervals, and includes a heart rate zone trainer.

Top Summit Trainer and StairMasters for Your Needs

These are a few of the top machines from Life Fitness and StairMaster that can provide you with top quality, durable equipment, and the most effective lower body, endurance, and targeted muscle training for your workout space. For top-quality, durable equipment that helps you achieve the comfortable and convenient workouts you desire where you want them, consider these machines from Fitness Warehouse and experience the difference each time you step up.