Best Overall Exercise Equipment for Home

Bodycraft RFT Rack Functional Trainer

Best Home Exercise Equipment

Picking the right gym equipment for your home can seem daunting. You want to make the right choice without breaking the bank or taking up too much space. You also want to pick the right equipment. But what should you look for? When shopping for home gym equipment, it’s best to try to find something that will give you the best overall workout. This means looking for machines that can work your whole body. This is especially practical for home gyms which are usually limited by space and money. 

Home gym setups should make the most of your time, space, and money. Gym equipment should be able to provide you with a full-body workout from just one machine. That way, you can focus on buying just one piece of equipment. Buying one full-body machine is much cheaper than trying to fill your home with single-station machines. It also saves space since your entire home gym is just one machine. 

The best overall exercise equipment for home gyms are usually compact machines that work out many muscle groups at once. Home gym systems are very popular for home gyms. It’s even in their name! These machines are designed to combine multiple workouts into one, inclusive machine. Home gym systems are meant to replace traditional gyms that are full of single-station machines. They can be used in a variety of different ways, making them very versatile. 

Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are also very useful for any home gym. Rowing machines are small, steal beams that you sit in. While on the machine, you fully extend your limbs back and forth to move yourself along the beam. This movement may seem simple, but it’s a very effective workout, targeting many muscles at once. Rowing machines are usually very compact, making them great space-saving machines. Many rowing machines also come with tablets or other accessories designed to enhance your workout. 

Ellipticals, treadmills, and exercise bikes are all also great additions to any home gym thanks to their versatility. These machines focus mostly on legs and cardio, but they can still be used to get in a full-body workout. Ellipticals are particularly helpful for full-body workouts since they are designed to target your arms and core as well as legs. Treadmills and exercise bikes can still be used to get in a full workout under the right circumstances, but it might require a little more work. Regardless of how you use any of these machines, all three can be used to get in a fun, effective workout from home. While not always great at saving space, these machines are very helpful for anyone looking to specifically focus on cardio and weight loss. 

Home Workout Equipment

Life Fitness G7 Functional Trainer
Life Fitness G7 Functional Trainer

Regardless of what type of gym equipment you choose, you can find it at Fitness Warehouse. If you’re looking for a full-body workout from a versatile machine, consider purchasing a home gym system like the Lifefitness G7 Home Gym. The G7 Home Gym can be used for many different workout routines. This one machine is specifically designed to replace many single stations. It encompasses a whole gym’s worth of equipment into just one machine. 

Similarly versatile is the Bodycraft VR400 Rowing Machine. The sleek, compact piece of equipment has 16 different air resistance levels. When it comes to rowing machines, having multiple resistance levels to choose from lets you choose how you want to work out. Multiple levels are great for people looking to use their machine for a very long time. As you grow and strengthen your muscles over the years, your rowing machine will be able to adapt to you, changing to meet your strength level. If your main concern is saving space within your home gym, rowing machines might be the best equipment for you. Many of these machines are just small bars that can be tucked away easily. Despite their small size, they’re amazing for full-body workouts, making them a good fit for any home gym. 

If the main goal of your home gym involves cardio and weight loss, consider investing in an elliptical or treadmill. Both of these machines involve working your legs against various resistance levels. Ellipticals however often involve more muscles from your arms and your core. While treadmills may not always include these muscles, there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your workout. Machines like the Precor EFX 885 Elliptical Cross Trainer use moving handlebars and inclines to work the upper and lower halves of your body at the same time. While not as small as rowing machines or versatile as home gyms, ellipticals are a very fun way to get in a full-body workout that specifically targets cardio and weight loss. 

Workout Set

Bodycraft RFT Rack Functional Trainer
Bodycraft RFT Rack Functional Trainer

A workout set, not to be confused with a set of reps, often refers to a set of gym equipment. Gym sets usually encompass many different exercises into one machine, much like home gyms. Some, like the Bodycraft RFT Rack Functional Trainer,  are inclusive training systems that can target your arms, shoulders, and back at the same time. Much like the other types of equipment mentioned, these machines are a great addition to any home gym setup. They can be used in different ways to get in a thorough workout.

Gym Accessories

While building your home gym, don’t forget vital gym accessories. Accessories can enhance any home gym. The TKO Barbell Rack can make your home gym look more professional while keeping items safely out of the way. Some accessories are designed to be used alongside certain products. Many rowing machines and ellipticals have optional televisions and tablets. These accessories not only make your workout more fun, but they can also display important information about your heart rate or calories burned. 

Building Your Home Gym 

When deciding on what items to add to your home gym, it’s best to pick the most efficient machines that provide you with the best overall workout. These usually include machines that engage your whole body at once like home gyms, rowing machines, and ellipticals. All of these machines can be cost-efficient, space-conscious editions to any home gym. Regardless of what machine you choose, Fitness Warehouse has all of these products and more. Consider Fitness Warehouse when expanding your home gym today.