Why Rowing Machines Give You the Best Workout

Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine

Rowing machines can be a highly beneficial part of your workout and the best part is the more you use a rowing machine as a workout, the more benefits you can receive from one of these machines. In this article, we’ll discuss how rowing machines work to give you the best workout, the top impactful benefits of using a rowing machine as a major part of your workouts and workout routine, and how a rowing machine can give you a full-body workout today.

Rowing Machine Benefits

There are numerous impactful benefits of using a rowing machine as an integral part of your workouts. The top rowing machine benefits include a rowing machine uses all of your major muscle groups, is low-impact, works for any fitness level, is a highly effective calorie burner, is highly adaptable, makes for a time-efficient workout, can greatly improve grip strength, is good for bone health, is beneficial to mental health, and for those involved in other sports or athletic activities, a workout involving a rowing machine is also useful for cross-training.

Proform 750R Rower

Works Major Muscle Groups

A rowing machine benefits all of your body’s major muscle groups, making it a full-body workout worthy of the title of best workout. A rowing machine works 86% of your muscles with every stroke. A single workout works the glutes, core, biceps, and triceps. It works the leg muscles, including the gastrocnemius, quadriceps, soleus, and hamstrings. It also works the back, including the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, and rhomboids. The Proform 750R Rower provides rowing machine muscles and a full-body workout.

Low-Impact Workout

There is no jumping or running involved in using a rowing machine, making it a low-impact workout that’s easy on your body and doesn’t jar your joints. It remains a strenuous workout, however, working your body in all the highly desirable, beneficial ways of an ideal workout. It is safe for everyone to use and experience improved health and fitness.

FirstDegree Neon Pro Plus Rower

For Any Fitness Level

You can choose how you progress in strength, power, speed, accuracy, and endurance. Begin easy and slow if you are a beginner to rowing machine workouts, and slowly build up your body to desired levels of fitness and strength at your own pace. If you are at a higher fitness level starting with a rowing machine, you can also adjust the machine and start at this level. Whatever level your fitness is currently, a rowing machine such as the FirstDegree Neon Plus Rower can match your current fitness level and help you achieve higher.

Effective Calorie Burner

A rowing machine such as the FirstDegree Pacific Plus Rower is a highly effective calorie burner, having big impacts on weight loss and other health and fitness goals. Someone weighing around 180 lbs. can burn around 200 calories within half an hour of moderate effort rowing. This statistic is less for a person weighing less and more for a person weighing more. As many as 500 calories can be burned for the same 180 lb. person doing a more vigorous, 30-minute workout.

Is Highly-Adaptable

A rowing machine is very adaptable, able to deliver any type of workout. You are in full control of each workout, the machine responding to your movements, including frequency and strength of pushes and pulls. Workouts are completely customized each time, being as intense and lengthy as desired. Experience high-intensity training with short, sharp anaerobic blasts, a steady aerobic session with slower, less frequent strokes, or strength training with hard pushes. The Spirit CRW800H2O Water Rower provides ideal adjustable fitness with 6 levels of resistance.

Spirit CRW800H20 Water Rower 3

Time-Efficient Workout

For the full range of muscles that a rowing machine exercises and the effective calorie-burning experienced, a rowing machine is a highly time-efficient workout. In mere minutes, you can have a satisfying exercise experience, especially when you are new to rowing machine workouts. It is also time-efficient in the ability to customize each workout to the time you have to work with.

Improve Grip Strength

A rowing machine workout can improve grip strength by holding and pulling the bar, strengthening the forearm and hand muscles. Grip strength is an indicator of good health, upper limb function, overall strength, bone mineral density, good nutrition, and decreases the likelihood of falls and other injuries associated with grip strength. The Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine also has a high-quality, comfortable handlebar.

Bodycraft VR200 Rowing Machine

Good for Bone Health

Bone health is highly important at every age and stage of your life, and a rowing machine is very good for your bone health. It is low-impact but still has beneficial effects on bone density, which is also essential to osteoporosis decline and prevention. A rowing machine builds bones up without increasing cartilage stress as with running or other higher-impact exercise activities.

Mental Health Benefits

Many dedicated rowing machine users can attest to the rowing machine benefit of mental health boosts every time they work out. The rhythm of the machine and strokes have a highly calming effect, and slow-paced rowing can easily become restorative, meditative, and zen-like just as a calm, leisurely walk, but from the comfort of home. The motivating programs of rowers such as the Spirit XRW600 Rower also keep you inspired and involved.

Spirit XRW600 Rower 2

Useful for Cross-Training

A rowing machine is also beneficial for combining different exercise activities with cross-training. Cross-training provides better overall fitness and is useful during rehabilitation and recovery from psychological fatigue or over-training. A rowing machine such as the FirstDegree VX-3 FA Rower works for various disciplines, including speed building, endurance, and long, low-rate sessions.

Rowing Is A Full Body Workout

A rowing machine gives you the best, full-body workout as it works all of your major muscle groups, is adjustable to any age and level of experience, and builds up your body with low impact. Put the rowing machine benefits of increased calorie burning, bone health, and grip strength to work for you. For workouts that work for you on your schedule, try a rowing machine from Wisthoff’s Fitness Warehouse today.