Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill

The Smart Pro 2000 residential treadmill is the 2019 edition of the ProForm Pro 2000, which has received good reviews and become a customer favorite. The Smart Pro is sure to receive the same acclaim. It comes with a few upgrades and new features in line with the demands of contemporary fitness. To put things into perspective, the Pro series is ProForm’s top treadmill and the Smart Pro 2000 is the entry level unit in that collection.

The 10-inch Smart HD touchscreen console is large enough to use without disrupting your workout. It comes with a 1-year Family Membership to iFit, bringing high-definition trainer-led workout videos from around the world, as well as live trainers who can physically guide your machine from remote. Compatible with the iFit Coach app and Google Maps, you can use the machine to virtually run across various terrains from around the globe, all enhanced by the HD display. There are more than enough options to challenge any fitness level while keeping workout sessions fresh and exciting.

The treadmill’s incline works in sync with the built-in workouts and apps, automatically shifting to compliment the resistance levels in the workout programs or the elevation of the virtual iFit terrains. The incline/decline feels very real, especially useful for those who also run outdoors or are training for an outdoor marathon or race. The roomy 60-inch x 20-inch track also adds to the pleasure of your workout, feeling far lest cramped than the standard 55-inch residential treadmill. The Rebound Pro Cushioning built into the tracks limits the impact on knees and joints, which is important for the ongoing health of regular and serious runners.

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