Best Workout Equipment for My Fitness Goals

XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine

What is the Best Workout Equipment to Reach My Fitness Goals?

Whether you’re a fitness expert or just looking to exercise, the equipment you use is a huge part of your workout. That’s why it’s important to use the right equipment for your specific fitness goals. Fitness Warehouse is home to a wide array of gym equipment that can help you achieve all of your fitness goals. Choosing said gym equipment depends on your specific goals. 

The equipment you’ll need will vary depending on whether you’re looking to lose weight or build muscle. It will also depend on how much time you’re looking to dedicate. Some people may plan on spending hours in the gym every day, while others may just be looking to do some casual exercise. In this article, we’ll discuss the best workout equipment for most fitness goals. We’ll start by discussing equipment essential to any home gym setup. Then, we’ll explore the most effective equipment before explaining the different types of gym equipment. Finally, we’ll review and cover how to find the best gym equipment for your goals. 

Home Gym Essentials

3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill
3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill

Most people just starting their fitness journey don’t always know where to start when it comes to finding equipment. Even some experts might not be sure how to find what’s right for them. Luckily, Fitness Warehouse is home to all kinds of equipment. Regardless of your knowledge level or goals, they can help. To figure out what home gym equipment is right for you, it’s important to start by analyzing your goals. 

Treadmills like the 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill are great for working on your heart health from home. This folding treadmill can collapse in on itself, making it perfect for someone looking to save space. While many foldable treadmills trade function for a compact size, the Pro Runner Treadmill has both. It can reach high speed and distance settings. Between its space-saving design and overall function, the Pro Runner is a great addition to any home gym. There are many advantages to exercising using a treadmill. They’re easy to use and very helpful for weight loss and cardio. 

If you’re looking to get some cardio in while also building muscle, the Proform Carbon HIIT H7 Cardio Trainer might be right for you. This compact elliptical machine is great for a home gym because of its size. At only half the size of a typical elliptical, the Proform Cardio Trainer can help you stay healthy at home without taking up too much space. As an elliptical, it serves as a cardio workout while also strengthening your legs, arms, and abs. With a built-in tablet stand, you can even watch TV or listen to music while you work out. Overall, this equipment’s compact design and multifunction features make it great for any home gym. 

Other home gym users may be looking for a more complete workout from just one piece of equipment. Users looking to get a full workout from home should look for equipment like the Life Fitness G7 Home Gym. The G7 Home Gym is a customizable machine that allows you to work out a variety of body parts, all from the same piece of equipment. Home Gyms are useful for someone looking to make the most out of their equipment. These machines have cable pulleys that can be customized in different ways to fit your goals. While some pieces of equipment only focus on one part of your body, the G7 can fit all of your needs into one machine. 

Best Exercise Equipment

Bodycraft VR500 Pro Rowing Machine
Bodycraft VR500 Pro Rowing Machine

The best exercise equipment for you depends entirely on your fitness goals. Someone looking to lose weight will need a machine that burns a lot of calories, while someone looking to build strong arms will want something that strengthens those muscles. We’ve compiled the most popular goals below as well as what equipment is best to accomplish them.

For a lot of equipment, cardio and weight loss exercises go hand and hand. Rowing machines are great for both. They work out legs, abs, and arms, making them great for full-body routines. Stationary exercise bikes work similarly, building your glutes, thighs, and calves while also working cardio. Ellipticals also work out a lot of your body to help you burn calories and build heart strength. 

There are a lot of different machines that can help with building muscle. Some, like rowing machines, can work out several muscles at once. Rowing machines work your arms, back, legs, and core at the same time. They’re great for a full-body workout, making them one of the best pieces of equipment out there. 

Types of Gym Equipment

TKO Hack Squat Single Station Gym

In order to find the best gym equipment, it helps if you know what to look for. Knowing the different types of gym equipment, as well as their function, can help you meet your goals a lot faster. There are several different types of gym equipment. Most are categorized by their function. Some categories are broad, like cardio, while others specifically describe the exact type of machine, like a treadmill. Cardio equipment can help you lose weight while improving your cardiovascular function. Treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and stair climbers can all be categorized as cardio equipment. Many of these machines also strengthen muscles. Ellipticals and stair climbers are especially beneficial for those looking to build muscle. 

Vibration plates are another way to strengthen muscle. Users stand on the plate while it vibrates, thus toning their muscles. Other single-station gym equipment is usually named after the specific muscles it focuses on. Machines like the hip abductor focus on the hips, while a bicep curl machine works out your bicep. For some gym equipment, the name describes the muscle it’s using. Others, like rowing machines, are not as straightforward. Rowing machines work out a lot of different muscles at once. 

Choosing Your Gym Equipment

Ultimately, choosing the right gym equipment comes down to your specific goals. That’s why it helps to know what different machines do. Some machines, like ellipticals, rowing machines, and home gyms do a lot of different things at once. Luckily, Fitness Warehouse has equipment organized by type. All you have to do is search for the type of equipment or exercise you’re looking for, and it will show you the appropriate equipment.