Best Cross-Trainers Available Today for a Home Gym

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There are many types and brands of exercise equipment available for your home gym and other exercise needs and top desires, including different cross-trainers and cross-trainer brands. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best cross-trainer brands and the best cross-trainers for a home gym available today, including the benefits and differences between the high-quality brands and individual cross-trainers to meet all of your top exercise equipment and home gym needs today. 

Precor Brand 

With a close connection to the Peloton brand of exercise equipment and workouts, Precor has something for everyone, whether you are looking to satisfy commercial fitness needs or home fitness needs. Focuses include personalized cardio, strength training, group training, connected solutions, digital tools, and education to bring you ultimate workout experiences and knowledge.

Adaptive Motion Trainer With P82 Console

RENEWED Precor AMT 885 P80

The Precor AMT 885 is among the most premium and innovative designs of the AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) and it serves to take exercises to a whole new level with the new feature, Open Stride. This single home gym cross-trainer can fully engage the fitness levels of all users and includes a truly endless range of stride paths for an effective, unique, and low-impact workout experience each time you use it. There is also an equal variety of cardio options with this trainer.



Precor EFX 833 Elliptical Cross-Trainer With P30 Console

Precor EFX 833 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Many fitness clubs worldwide enjoy the quality and benefits of the Precor EFX 833. The EFX has adjustable CrossRamp angles that range between 13 to 40 degrees, 10 preset workouts to choose from, moving handlebars, 20 levels of resistance, Smart Rate touch and telemetry heart rate monitoring, and is a self-powered elliptical. Enjoy the ease of tailoring your workouts to stay challenged and meet your fitness goals with the various resistance levels and preset workouts.

Life Fitness Brand 

Life Fitness encompasses several top companies with its various options for commercial use and home use and has been an established top brand in the industry for over 50 years. With a passion for driving innovation and inspiring fitness success for everyone, focuses include global reach, digital technology, top suppliers, facility transformations, and expert trainers and coaches.

Life Fitness X1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Life Fitness X1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Similar to other Life Fitness ellipticals, the X1 is another top-quality cross-trainer and one of the best cross-trainers for a home gym. It has an ideal total-body fluid motion as well as a more natural and comfortable stride than other ellipticals with the inclusion of the Link6 elliptical drive system. Enjoy an easy-use interface and some of the top Life Fitness workout programs with the Basic Workouts Console, providing everything you want in your essential fitness regimen. 

Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Life Fitness X3 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Health club operators worldwide recognize the X3 and other Life Fitness elliptical cross-trainers for their more natural and ideal smooth performance in stark contrast to other brands’ ellipticals that often have an uneven resistance transfer that results in a choppy and uncomfortable experience that tends to interrupt user workout rhythms. The WhisperStride technology also allows for increased quiet to do other activities during any exercises with a smooth, fluid motion.



Octane Brand

In addition to the home and commercial products, Octane also provides high-quality True Fitness brand products, including premium fitness equipment to suit various exercise needs. Top focuses include low-impact training with a goal of training equipment that has zero-impact altogether so users can focus on increasing their strength and reaching their fitness goals.

Octane Pro3700 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Octane XT3700 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Exceptional quality and high-end performance make the Octane Pro3700 one of the best value cross-trainers available. It has some of the most desirable elliptical features, including a smooth, more natural motion during exercises, close spacing in the pedals, Converging Path handlebars, and patented MultiGrip that are suitable for all levels of exercise experience and current fitness to meet you where you are and help you build up your strength and endurance from there.

Octane Pro4700 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Octane XT4700 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Enjoy the added convenience and visual engagement of the touch screen that comes standard on the Pro4700 for a complete commercial cross-trainer experience. Other additions include CROSS CiRCUIT and SmartStride loaded with challenges to aid and encourage your success and set your club apart from competitors. The Pro4700 has the Converging Path handlebars and MultiGrip with the addition of advanced training programs and customizable routines.



Body-Solid Brand 

Body-Solid offers cross-training options with athletic conditioning and strength training equipment as well as a unique Body-Focus approach to find the right equipment and exercises for you. They also have listings of top and new commercial and home fitness products so you can stay updated on the latest fitness industry trends and current popular Body-Solid products. 

Body-Solid PFT100 Powerline Functional Trainer

The Body-Solid PFT100 includes two 160-lb. weight stacks and convenient workouts for all fitness levels. The design provides exceptional performance, smooth swivel pulleys that are vertically adjustable and have a range of motion of 180 degrees for competitive versatility. The design also allows for exercise transitions without needing to change cables. It has 20 starting positions available and two adjustable nylon cable handles for even more exercise options.

Body-Solid S2FT Series 2 Functional Trainer

There are unlimited workout possibilities available with the S2FT Series 2 cross-trainer that has a dual independent weight stack system for reliable resistance, accurate isolateral movements with shoulder presses, cable crossovers, pull-ups, leg kickbacks, and more. The pulleys are also able to adjust independently, allowing for 34 available starting positions. The S2FT Series 2 is taller than other functional trainers and has ergonomic adjustments for a high range of motion.

Enjoy the Best Cross-Trainers Available for Your Home Gym

Whether you choose Precor, Life Fitness, Octane, or Body-Solid, you will have the added benefits of the best available cross-trainer brands from Fitness Warehouse for your home gym. Enjoy the seamless, user-friendly, and long-lasting quality of some of the best cross-trainers from some of the best brands in the industry today and experience the difference.