Best Body-Solid Workout Machines for Your Home

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When looking for the best workout equipment and the best workout machines more specifically for home workouts, Body-Solid is a top company to consider for its various types of high-quality, durable exercise equipment. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top Body-Solid workout machines, including their differences and unique benefits to better inform your equipment decisions and provide you with the right equipment to achieve your home workout and other fitness needs and goals today.

Body-Solid Workout Machines

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Body-Solid has something for every exercise enthusiast with a wide range of high-quality home products and commercial products, including gym systems, free weights, various exercise machines, cardio-focused exercise products, and a wide range of additional workout accessories. You can pair these and increase your fitness results even further and reach your highest strength, stability, and endurance goals. The unique and interactive Body Focus approach also allows you to pinpoint your body focuses to find the right matching equipment.

Body-Solid BFFT10 Best Fitness Functional Trainer

The BFFT10 has functional training that is affordable and suits all user fitness levels to meet and build on your current strength and endurance levels. Other top features include adjustable pulleys with a swivel of up to 180 degrees so you can enjoy the benefits of a large array of different starting positions. It has a 190-lb. weight stack to effectively challenge the majority of users as well as a design that negates the need for cable changes between exercises.

Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Center 200

Experience the benefits of increased space savings with your Body-Solid workout machine with the revolutionary design of the GDCC200 which also features increased motion control to better achieve your individual workout goals. It has a dual independent weight stack system for trustworthy isolateral movements and top levels of resistance. It also allows for core stability training to improve coordination, balance, and stability. 

Body-Solid GDCC210 Functional Training Center 210

The GDCC210 has a similar dual independent weight stacking system for isolateral movements and resistance, core stability training possibilities for coordination, stability, and balance, and strength-building possibilities for all user fitness levels. It also has unrestricted planes of motion to effectively imitate some top daily life activities, ergonomic adjustments, and interchangeable cable handles for endless different strength-building exercises.

Body-Solid GDCC250 Deluxe Cable Crossover 

The GDCC250 is another one of the best workout equipment pieces from Body-Solid that is sturdy, stable, and comes with a new design that allows you to exercise nearly every major muscle group. It also comes with interchangeable cable handles, an extra tall and wide mainframe for an endless range of low and high pulley exercises, and a unique pull-up station for multiple grip positions.

Body-Solid PCCO90X Powerline Cable Crossover Machine

For effective full-body conditioning, the highly versatile and functional PCCO90X provides a trustworthy design for exercising nearly every major muscle group. Other top features include a durable construction with a mainframe that is wider and taller than other models to provide easy access to low and high pulley exercises. The professional carriage system includes eight high resin, sealed ball bearing pulleys, and nylon brushing technology.

Body-Solid SCC1200G Pro Clubline Cable Crossover

The SCC1200G provides top levels of versatility during any strength training exercises, an endless number of exercises, and pulleys that allow up to 180-degree swivels for highly accurate resistance during exercise movements. The pulleys adjust to 12 horizontal positions for ensured proper workout starting positions. Cable crossover machines are among the best workout equipment for health clubs, gyms, workout facilities, and fitness centers. 

Body-Solid SDC2000G-2 Pro Clubline Dual Cable Column

Another top choice for space optimization is the SDC2000G-2, taking up only a 3’ by 4’ area while providing unlimited exercises to achieve your fitness goals quickly and safely. Other features include dual 160-lb. weight stacks for a resistance range of beginners to professional athletes. The pulleys are vertically-adjustable for over 100 exercises with an easy pop-pin adjustment.

Body-Solid DPCC-SF Pro Dual Cable Column Machine

The functional training of the DPCC-SF helps to improve stability, balance, and neuromuscular coordination. Enjoy a full movement range for efficiently and effectively completing many weight-bearing exercises that serve to target core muscles in the lower back and abdomen. The engineering and design of the DPCC-SF allow for unlimited exercises, and you can use it as a modular component to the multi-station system or as a freestanding unit. 

Body-Solid BFMG20 Best Fitness Sportsman Gym 20

Enjoy the experience of a full gym in just one affordable exercise machine with the compact BFMG20. Top features include padded pressing arms that follow a free-weight bench press’s natural arc. It features fiberglass pulleys with solid moving and axle rotation of its ball bearings, wide grip lat bar, 2200-lb. nylon-coated cables, and a narrow grip low row bar.

Body-Solid SGH500 Glute and Ham Machine

Various fitness professionals worldwide recognize the unsurpassed development of the oblique, abdominal, lower back, hamstrings, and glute with the Roman Chair & Back Hyperextension. It includes oversize 8” foam rollers and double-stitched, thick DuraFirm pads for optimal support and comfort. Premium commercial components also ensure machine reliability and dependability.

Body-Solid G1S Home Gym

The G1S is even more specifically designed for home gyms with high levels of power, durability, strength, and maximum size efficiency for home area adaptability. This machine allows for over 40 trimming, strength training, and toning exercises and has its center on a 160-lb. weight stack. Other features are a contoured and adjustable seat pad and multi-grip press arm, and high-quality pulleys, cables, and upholstery. It has the highest manufacturing standards and the industry’s best warranty that covers everything forever with no exceptions.

Enjoy the Best From Body-Solid for Your Home Workouts

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For the best workout machines for home, consider these top Body-Solid choices from Fitness Warehouse and enjoy the workout equipment and services of a company with your fitness needs, top equipment desires, and the best quality products and services in the industry as the focuses and driving passion of their business